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What I’ve Been Reading Recently

Mommy On the Go: 4 Tips for Easy Outings with Kids – Creative Home Keeper – This has some good ideas. Mostly about having 2 diaper bags – one for quick outings and one for longer ones. Also, parking near the cart return area.

9 Times Mint Had No Chill | MintLife Blog – This made me laugh out loud. I’ve thought those exact same things so many times. Seriously, though, I love mint. It helps keep track of my spending.

How to Choose the Best Over-the-Air Antenna for Free HDTV – We use Sling TV for watching news mostly and have stopped cable or satellite for some time now. But Sling does not have ABC or CW and I do miss watching those channels. One of the options I’ve been considering is getting a Over-the-air Antenna for getting these channels for free. I will let you know how that goes.

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Daily Habit 2: Make the bed

I want to start focusing on keeping my house clean and tidy but it always seems so monumental that I don’t even get started. So I’m going to start with one new habit a month and focus on that habit.

The first habit is that of loading the dishwasher at night before bed. I have been doing that consistently for last few months. While continuing to do that, I want to add making the bed everyday in all the bedrooms to my list of habits.

So, everyday, in the morning before I go downstairs, I am going to make the bed. If my husband is still sleeping, he gets to make the bed.

I will keep you guys posted on how this habit goes.