Moving on to the next chapter!

We finally sold our house today morning! We moved and we closed on the house and it’s all over. I feel so bittersweet – sad to leave the house where we lived for 7 years and where my babies were born but also excited to move onto the next chapter of our lives.

We’re waiting for the next chapter and so we’re staying at a hotel for now. Which is quite challenging by itself. Try staying in a hotel room with 2 small kids. It’s enough to drive you crazy.

One advantage is that there is less space to run around and it’s easier to keep an eye on the kids while doing work in the kitchen. It’s also hard in that they get antsy because of less space to run around. Another advantage – it’s nice to have to not wash so many vessels and load the dishwasher and make the bed. It’s done by housekeeping… ūüôā

Some days are harder than others and yesterday was one of them. I needed to do laundry and hated to do it in the laundry machines in the hotel.

But this is just a temporary situation and we will move to an apartment in the near future. I look forward to setting up house from scratch though it won’t be our own. (We need a break from home ownership.)


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Crying It Out was the best thing I did

Cry It Out or the Ferber method for sleep training a baby is one of the most controversial ones out there. I read about the positive aspects of it and the negative aspects of it. Scientifically, it can’t be proven one way or the other.

Both my kids were Ferberized, as it is called. I tried everything else to get them to sleep for more than an hour at a time and eventually got too exhausted and had to try CIO. My older dau

The first few days of sleep training are excruciating. This is what I did –

  1. I bought a video baby monitor. The thought of my baby in a room alone with no way for me to see her was too scary for me.
  2. Follow a bedtime routine. It doesn’t have to be elaborate. With m y older one, I had a long bedtime routine but with my younger one, I didn’t have the time.
    1. Long Bath, Lotion, Put on PJs, Read 2-3 books, Sing 3-4 songs, Rock her for 10 mins, then put her in crib and leave the room
    2. Short bath, Lotion, Put on PJs, Sing Songs, Rock her for 1 minute and then put her in crib and leave the room
  3. After putting them down, they would scream and cry. Check on them every 2, 5, 10, 15 minutes. I modified this according to how bad the screaming was and the situation.
  4. My older daughter ended up sleeping sitting up for the first few days. So did my younger one.
  5. After a week, my older daughter had started sleeping through the night. It took my younger daughter longer to sleep through the night, about 10 days – 2 weeks.
  6. It took longer to sleep train them for naps but eventually the night training kicked in during the day as well.

At the end of it, I was glad I had done it so we could all get some sleep. I still get only 6 hours of sleep every day and I have a video monitor next to me at night so I can always keep an eye on her.

The hardest part of CIO was listening to them cry all night for so long. And each time I would go to check on them, seeing the tears on their eyes would make me cry. But I had to stay firm and my husband really supported me at that time.

Both my kids slept better and deeper after they had been sleep trained. I don’t regret it at all.¬†This may not be appropriate for all kids and I’m not suggesting you do it for your kids but it worked for me and my family. I only did it after I had tried everything else for both kids.

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Ultimate Home-making Bundle 2017 – To Buy or Not to Buy

I’ve read dozens of emails about the Ultimate Home-Making bundle 2017¬†for $30 which have been flooding my inbox in the last few days. Today’s the last day and I’m really debating whether I should buy or not.

I have bought bundles in the past and didn’t end up having the time to read the books or the ecourses but I did use some of the bonuses. So it wasn’t a waste of money.

But I’m debating whether I should get this year or not. I saw a few books and courses which sound really interesting this year.

  1. Temper Toolkit ecourse – Though I’ve never been a person to lose my temper over the course of my life, marriage and motherhood has changed me to the extent that I frequently lose my temper and I have been trying to make a conscious effort to control it. I have heard good reviews of this toolkit and it could help me learn to control my temper more – $29
  2. The Better Listening Workbook –¬†I have issues with my older daughter not listening to me and me having to repeat the same instruction many times leading to me losing my temper. Perhaps this workbook could help me. – $6
  3. Engage Рhas ideas on how to engage with my daughter which sometimes my husband and I have difficulty with and she then ends up on the iPad or watching tv Р$12
  4. Family Chore System & Planner РHoping that this can help me stay on top of my chores. Р$17
  5. The Paperless Home –¬†I love Evernote but end up stuffing a lot of junk in it and it ends up not being useful at all. This course might help me get rid¬†the paper junk in my house better – $32
  6. Cozy Minimalist Decorating Class РI have read great reviews of this course and maybe it can help me decorate my house better. Р$39
  7. The SAHM Wardrobe Basics Builder – I have read great reviews of this too and while I’m not a SAHM, I feel this could help me get a nicer and more put-together wardrobe – $29
  8. BONUSES – I am really interested in the Molly Green membership, Home Binder membership and the 1 month free membership of Bookroo and Kiwi Crate. – $29, $120, $18 and $20.

Put together, if I buy, I save quite a bit of money and might help me fix some of the issues in my life.

So I’m going to buy the bundle and go through the courses and books listed above and review them back here on my blog for some accountability.


Challenge upon challenge

It’s been a rough few days. My dad had to go back to the hospital for more surgery and he was there for a week and just now home. Doctor’s not sure what’s going on or if he may have to go back. That’s been adding a lot of stress for me, more so considering I’m so far away from him.

My older daughter’s been acting out a lot since I went back to work. She doesn’t do well with change and she needs more attention from me.

My younger daughter’s been sick with a bad cold¬†and a ear infection since she started daycare.

I’ve developed my old RSI injury from being back at work after a long time and headaches from looking at the computer screen.

There’s been some good news too – A2 (younger daughter) is doing much better at daycare and adjusting better. A1 is doing better compared to before with less tantrums and I’m trying to do a better job and not losing my patience.

Life is good! I’m so grateful for all I have and thank god for all my blessings. When I read the news and see how many people are hurting, I think to myself – Thank you God for taking care of my family.





















Last few days has been crazy

So, the last few days have been crazy and I can’t believe it’s the first week of April already and I haven’t posted for a few days.

My husband has been travelling for work recently, taxes and with getting the house cleaned and ready and handling the kids, I’ve just not spent much time on the computer at all.

We also had a health scare with my dad. He had a subdural hematoma and required brain surgery. ¬†It was so scary and to be so far away from him was really hard. Thankfully, he’s now feeling much better and at home recovering.

I started work this week after being gone on maternity leave for a year¬†and my ¬†younger daughter started daycare this week. It’s been hard to leave her at daycare but I am happy about being back at work.

I hope to post more frequently once I am back on a schedule.


First act of vandalism

This week, when I was in vacation at Disney World, my mailbox was trashed and vandalized. It looks like someone took a baseball bat to it and smashed it. I initially thought it might have been truck reversing and damaged by accident. Then one of my neighbors emailed me to say their mailbox was also smashed. They are of Chinese origin and we are from Indian. Needless to say, in the current political environment in the US, this feels strongly like a hate crime.

We did complain to the police but nothing much can be done.

In so many years of living in the United States, I’ve never had any racist experiences. I’ve never felt like I was unwelcome or had an uncomfortable moment in any way. In 7 years of home ownership, nothing of this sort has every happened. For the first time, I feel nervous and scared of living in my own home. I feel unwelcome in my town.

Perhaps I am being impetuous in naming this as a hate crime but I need to look at this from my every angle for my family’s safety. I’m not sure where to go from here but I have to make sure I do all I can to keep my family safe.