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Ultimate Home-making Bundle 2017 – To Buy or Not to Buy

I’ve read dozens of emails about the Ultimate Home-Making bundle 2017 for $30 which have been flooding my inbox in the last few days. Today’s the last day and I’m really debating whether I should buy or not.

I have bought bundles in the past and didn’t end up having the time to read the books or the ecourses but I did use some of the bonuses. So it wasn’t a waste of money.

But I’m debating whether I should get this year or not. I saw a few books and courses which sound really interesting this year.

  1. Temper Toolkit ecourse – Though I’ve never been a person to lose my temper over the course of my life, marriage and motherhood has changed me to the extent that I frequently lose my temper and I have been trying to make a conscious effort to control it. I have heard good reviews of this toolkit and it could help me learn to control my temper more – $29
  2. The Better Listening Workbook – I have issues with my older daughter not listening to me and me having to repeat the same instruction many times leading to me losing my temper. Perhaps this workbook could help me. – $6
  3. Engage – has ideas on how to engage with my daughter which sometimes my husband and I have difficulty with and she then ends up on the iPad or watching tv – $12
  4. Family Chore System & Planner – Hoping that this can help me stay on top of my chores. – $17
  5. The Paperless Home – I love Evernote but end up stuffing a lot of junk in it and it ends up not being useful at all. This course might help me get rid the paper junk in my house better – $32
  6. Cozy Minimalist Decorating Class – I have read great reviews of this course and maybe it can help me decorate my house better. – $39
  7. The SAHM Wardrobe Basics Builder – I have read great reviews of this too and while I’m not a SAHM, I feel this could help me get a nicer and more put-together wardrobe – $29
  8. BONUSES – I am really interested in the Molly Green membership, Home Binder membership and the 1 month free membership of Bookroo and Kiwi Crate. – $29, $120, $18 and $20.

Put together, if I buy, I save quite a bit of money and might help me fix some of the issues in my life.

So I’m going to buy the bundle and go through the courses and books listed above and review them back here on my blog for some accountability.

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What to buy in May

There are certain times of the year when it is best to buy certain products.

Stuff to buy in May:

  • Produce
    • We love to buy lots of strawberries at this time of the year as they are very cheap and fresh. Both my daughters love strawberries and we go strawberry picking every year.
    • Asparagus is other favorite at my house. We love to eat Roasted Asparagus this time of the year.
    • Blueberries, Peaches, Carrots, Cauliflower, Kale, Spinach, Potatoes, Onions are all good produce to buy and in-season.
  • Winter Gear
    • Winter/Spring gear is generally on sale or clearance
    • This is a great time to stock up on jackets for the next winter
  • Depending on what festivals/holidays are happening in the month, we will see sales in grocery stores.
    • Cinco De Mayo is in the first week of May. Expect to see sales on salsa, tortilla chips, tortillas, etc
    • Memorial Day is at the end of the month and there will be lots of sales leading up to it on grocery supplies. Also, cookware, mattresses and appliances go on sale near Memorial day.
    • After Mother’s Day, keep an eye out for gifts and jewelry.
  • Thrift stores get lots of fresh inventory and with the warmer weather, more garage sales will start popping up